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Your Sales Pipeline: Tap the Wellspring of Search

Sure, you spend money on advertising (possibly a lot), but from a potential customer’s perspective, their journey almost always starts with search. A question to be answered. A problem to be solved. When you meet them in that moment, you get results. Results that lead to sales.

  • Speak the language.
    And yet, the words they use to ask these questions and solve these problems — how can you make sure you’re speaking the same language…literally? That’s the first step: create and optimize site content that meets them on their terms.
  • Invest in purchase intent.
    Once we speak the language of your prospects, we understand which search terms indicate the greatest purchase intent. That guides the time and resources we invest in SEO to be at the top of the rankings. For terms with good volume and good sales potential — where you can’t quite get to the top of the pile with organic search, our PPC expertise can get you there in about a month. SEO rankings are (fortunately) merit-based, but you earn your position by having the best content for a particular search term on a page optimized for that term. In other words, relevancy and quality rule.
  • For B2B, it starts with search.
    Executives tend to ignore ads. According to the latest search behavior research, only 3.4% of distinct search queries in Google result in a click on an ad. Business buyers and technical evaluators do their research organically: they’re looking for facts. The more technical the product, the deeper they look (this deep dive for information is the core of our business at RefreshWeb). In B2B sales, a single new customer can pay for your site optimization — when the search is sophisticated, it is much closer to a purchase decision. So typically our work pays for itself before we’re even finished.
  • Search validates choices.
    In deciding — as groups or individuals — people use the web to research alternatives and validate their choices. Being in a position to establish a first impression through top rankings is important. Also, the decision maker may not be doing the initial search. An evaluation committee may review a number of options, and they may enter directly after the first search. A consistently high ranking means every constituent sees their choice validated.
  • Investment in SEO and PPC is cumulative, measurable and profitable.
    Knowing what we do about the role search plays in B2B decision-making, it’s also fairly easy to understand how investing in SEO + PPC together pays off. If you’re thinking you want to buy SEO services or invest in PPC consulting, you’ve come to the right place to get all your questions answered…and if you’re a B2B company, let’s start with a free consultation.
How much more search traffic will YOU get?

Both SEO and PPC are highly accountable, from the perspective of measurable results.

When a client invests in both, they see a 10% average increase in sales year over year, yielding an ROI between 300-3000%. And as long as you continue to add content to your site, that ROI will just keep on growing, year after year.