Graphic: discovering the right keyword phrases is the key to B2B SEO performance

What’s different about SEO for manufacturers, vs. professional services?

Every manufacturer has a different set of products, its own competitive market space, and a unique type of customer.

What’s different about a B2B SEO agency is that we’re adding suspects to the sales funnel…people who don’t know the options when it comes to suppliers, but they have a vague idea about the solution. For example, what a prospect is looking for may be a “safe lithium ion battery for grid storage.” If that’s an application for the product you’ve developed, SEO can hook you up…without being introduced by advertising…but we all need to be on the same page to match up content with the terms your prospect is using. That’s why we start by running a free ranking report, and talking about missed opportunity and competitor positions.

RefreshWeb begins site optimization by sitting down with your management, sales and marketing teams, to understand your priorities and learn about your business. Then we go about devising a strategy to solve existing problems, improve rankings, and reap long-term results. We call it an audit, and it helps us find technical problems, identify opportunities, and gather quantitative data about your market space. This is used to develop a search strategy, with a site optimization plan to provide a page-by-page content strategy.

Because we’ve been in the web business for decades, we can bring in a design team and developers to create a modern site, which works on all the different devices people use. We can also implement the changes needed, and provide virtual webmaster services to keep your website’s content management system and plugins patched and up to date. As far as your website is concerned, you have one point of contact, and one company to be responsible and accountable.

Remember, when Google serves up a search result, it links to a particular page on your site. Having your site rankings show up on the first page of Google says your content is the most relevant, informative and authoritative page available: the best.

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While our strategy for your search marketing may incorporate many elements, like paid search, testimonials, social media promotion, or more rich content, our proven approach to marketing your website is based on quality writing, editing, and optimizing of content. That’s why algorithm changes don’t have long-term effects on our clients’ sites: Google is looking for the kind of quality content we deliver.

High quality content is the primary way for a search engine to consider your site an authority on a specific topic. Search marketing centered on great content isn’t the fastest process. However, it provides the best, longest-lasting improvements in rankings, engagement, and new business generation. The same strategy used in developing the information architecture of on-page content also shapes paid search, social, downloadable resources, and customer engagement.

A comprehensive strategy ensures that you’re consistently using the best approaches for each arena, informed by meaningful data. And a competent partner is working alongside your marketing team to constantly move your rankings upward, multiplying the number of people who will see your website as a solution to the problem they are trying to solve. We want to equip your people with the skills they need to continually improve the optimization…for optimal results.

Graphic: discovering the right keyword phrases is the key to B2B SEO performance