When it comes to managing a successful PPC account, you want three things:

  • Experience

  • Hands-on day-to-day management

  • Commitment to excellence

RefreshWeb offers all three, along with Google certification; that’s why we get to fly the AdWords Agency Partner flag.


Disciplined Budget Management

Our PPC management team has successfully managed paid search accounts with budgets ranging from a few hundred dollars a month to over $60,000 per month in spend. Yet no matter where your financial investment in PPC falls, it’s never about maxing out your budget. It’s about optimizing results. We work with your goals and KPIs to make every dollar work for you.

Individualized, Specific Goals

As an AdWords Agency Partner specializing in B2B advertising, we understand that each account can include different product groups, different messaging and different goals…for different product managers. Within a single account, one group might need to optimize exposure and user experience. Another might focus on conversions in the form of registrations or leads. A third might be all about the bottom line, more concerned about C/O/S than CPC. We take the time to learn about each stakeholder’s needs and expectations. Then we build campaigns to work with your definition of success.

End-to-End Service

Some clients come to us with campaigns already in place. Others are starting PPC for the very first time, or after a long hiatus. No matter where you are in the paid search process, we can provide the level of service you need. If your company has a PPC history, we’ll analyze campaigns, ad groups, keywords and results to identify what worked…and what didn’t. Right now, a lot of companies aren’t aware of the new standards for ads…or what can be accomplished with them.

If this is a new project, or one with a long gap, we’ll work on a ground-up process to place your message where it will reach the right audience, at the right time.

Either way, our PPC process always includes in-depth research on keywords, competition and messaging. We’ll optimize existing landing pages, or work with you to create them from scratch.

Hands-on Day-to-Day Management

Pay-per-click management is never a one-and-done project. Successful PPC requires professional management every day. Keywords and bids need to be monitored, ads and budgets need to be adjusted, ad scheduling, landing pages and placements need to be tweaked. Errors and disapproved ads need to be addressed immediately…meaning getting them approved with a well-placed phone call.

It’s not the easiest way to run paid search. But our focus on results means that, at RefreshWeb, it’s the only way to do it. We never automate. And we never farm out PPC management to interns or contractors.

Still not convinced?  Our method has taken one client from a handful of conversions a quarter to a dozen or more a day, providing a 300%+ ROI. Another client was able to use our services to reduce the cost per conversion from over $50 to under $11, while tripling the monthly conversions. A member of our team worked to bring a large corporate PPC account from a costly lead-generating expense to a source of almost 30% of online conversions, running entirely in the black.

Commitment to Excellence

The rules of paid search are constantly changing. But that’s not a problem for us. We thrive on the challenge of staying up-to-date on the latest ad formats, keyword standards, metrics and reporting options, and account policies. We maintain certification as a Google AdWords Partner, which provides us with access to special seminars, web tools and access to live, agency-specific account managers at Google. We’re even registered members of the AdWords Beta-test panel, giving us an opportunity to try out new tools before other people even know about them.

Doing pay-per-click advertising the right way isn’t just a part of the job. We’re proud PPC geeks, always on the lookout for a better way, a new opportunity, a just-released option. For lots of clients, the alphabet soup of CPC, CTR, QS, CPA and CPS is something they’d rather trust to the experts…and at RefreshWeb, client accounts are always managed by a certified Google AdWords Partner.