Your Manufacturing Sales Pipeline: Tap the Wellspring of B2B Search Marketing

Sure, you spend money on marketing (possibly a lot), but from a potential customer’s perspective, their journey almost always starts with search. A question to be answered. A problem to be solved. When your website meets them in that moment of need with the answer, you get results. Results that lead to sales.

    • Speak the language.
      And yet, the words they use to ask these questions and solve these problems — how can you make sure you’re speaking the same language…literally? That’s the first step: create and optimize site content that meets them on their terms. To do that, we want to look at your buyer personas: an architect uses different search terms than a builder, and a homeowner forms a query that makes sense, but maybe not in a way your website anticipated. That’s why personalized search has become so important: from the sites you discover via search and spend time on, Google begins to understand your vocabulary and curate the sites you’ll see on subsequent searches.
    • Invest in purchase intent.
      By researching the search terms used by ALL prospects, we can select which search terms indicate the greatest purchase intent…and where your competitors are weakest. That justifies the time and resources you’ll invest in SEO to be at the top of the rankings. For terms with good volume and good sales potential — but where you don’t show up in organic search, our PPC expertise can get you to first-page results in about a month. SEO rankings are (fortunately) merit-based, but you earn your position by having the best content for a particular search term on a page optimized for that term. In other words, relevance and quality rule. That’s why the smart move is to work with an experienced marketing firm providing expert PPC and SEO consulting.
    • For business-to-business marketing-qualified leads, it starts with search.
      Business buyers and technical evaluators do their research organically: they’re looking for facts. The more technical the product, the deeper they look. In B2B sales, a single new customer can pay for your site optimization — when the search is sophisticated, it is much closer to a purchase decision. So typically our work pays for itself before we’re finished.
    • Search validates choices.
      In deciding — as groups or individuals — people use the web to research alternatives and validate their choices. Being in a position to establish a first impression through top rankings is important. Also, the decision maker may not be doing the initial search. An evaluation committee may review a number of options, and they may enter the site directly after the first search, but look for competitors, just to be sure. A consistently high ranking on multiple related search terms means every constituent sees their choice validated.

Investment in SEO and PPC is cumulative, measurable and profitable.
Knowing what we do about the role search plays in B2B decision-making, it’s also fairly easy to understand how investing in SEO + PPC together pays off. If you’re thinking you might want to buy SEO services or invest in PPC consulting, give us a call. We can take a quick look together at your site, and see what level of site optimization you have in place, and how your paid search is set up. (512-637-5272)

You’ve come to the right place to get all your questions answered…we’ve worked with all kinds of B2B clients, from family owned businesses to global brands with multiple divisions. And if you’re a B2B company owner who wants the facts first, start with our SEO assessment, complete with technical findings, competitive ranking reports and high-level recommendations. Invest a little money, and you’ll learn a lot…like your current search market share, and how your rankings compare to your competitors. Download a sample report right now…

How much more search traffic will YOU get?

Both SEO and PPC are highly accountable, from the perspective of measurable results.

When a client invests in search, they see an immediate increase in search traffic, with typical increases in online sales of between 10-200%, yielding an ROI between 300-3000% for the year. And as long as you continue to add optimized content to your site, that ROI will just keep on growing, year after year.