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With a certified Google Analytics practitioner on board, as well as a richly-certified AdWords specialist, RefreshWeb is an AdWords Agency Partner. The Analytics FAQs selected for this area are developed to help you make your site, and your content, as engaging and productive as possible. The one thing almost every client needs is Google Analytics support, and we’re here to help.

Just to get you oriented, there are a few features built into GA which are a marketer’s dream: the first is being able to compare time periods, like quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year. As you navigate through the available tables and charts, the date comparisons will remain constant, so you can immediately see success from changes made, or (for example) determine that the site usually has a dip in traffic during the summer. Your QoQ data raised a red flag with management, but now you can show that there is a seasonal pattern.

Also, under Customization at the top of the left sidebar in GA, you can build custom dashboards to keep tabs on the metrics which are most important to you…and share them with your team. Another feature which is extremely useful is using alternative segments…the default is All Users, but you can look at New Users (how do those organic search visitors behave?), investigate traffic sources like Mobile, Paid Search or Direct, create custom segments…and compare them in your charts and tables with the All Users behavior.

How to set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics Setup: Make your website a sales weapon, not merely a sales tool!  Websites have become the central piece of many companies’ marketing communications. Other media (print ads, collateral sales materials, sales presentations and everything Internet) point to the website so the prospect can get [...]

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FAQ: How to use Google Analytics

Q. What should I be looking at in Google Analytics to get started?         A. Start with the Channels report, to see where your traffic comes from. The most useful Google Analytics report for most businesses is the Channels report, found in the Acquisition silo under All Traffic. This report is easy [...]

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