Category: Technical SEO

One of the tricks shyster search firms use to “buffalo” prospects is to put undue emphasis on technical SEO…obviously, you’re not bright enough to understand SEO, so you should pay them $50K to perform an audit on your site, then $20K a month to manage all this for you. Having cut our teeth on tech, we’ve long understood that our clients are smarter than we are (not to mention the PhD legions of Google), so we take a more workmanlike approach…you need to understand what’s important, and what’s not, for your individual site.

There are certainly benefits for some clients to integrate data which does not show on the page, such as using Google Tag Manager and JSON-LD to add metadata for products and record events (downloads, or video views, for example). If you are a manufacturer, you may want a picture of your product and pricing information at the top of the Google results, much like a prospect shopping on Amazon…and technical SEO is how that is accomplished. Several e-commerce platforms or shopping carts incorporate the standards in their databases, and we can help you integrate these capabilities into your search marketing strategy…or implement them into your site.

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