Category: B2B SEO FAQs

Obviously, since this is our bread and butter, B2B SEO FAQs are going to need to be included. However, if you browse for a while on the website, you’ll definitely pick up a lot about this topic. What would be great for us is for you to ask some questions, rather than have us make them up.

We get calls all the time advising us that our site needs SEO help, “because it isn’t showing up on important terms” like business, or SEO, or agency. Since the typical search phrase is three words, and particularly in questions can run out to between 8 and 15 words, visibility on single words is irrelevant…it’s not how people search.

So we can see someone asking us whether they really have a problem, or checking out something they read on LinkedIn, because there is so much opinion out there posing as facts. The more outrageous the claim, the more attention the poster gets…which is what social media is all about. When you want to get an intelligent, well-researched answer to your question (well, maybe based on our experience with other sites like yours), just post a question via our contact page, or email us at

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