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SEO Process & Pricing

We start with a custom, comprehensive audit…site performance, keywords, competition…and come back with an information architecture and a search marketing strategy. For most companies, it’s a small commitment ($5,500) to get the facts straight, followed by an 8-month engagement to fix the problems (starting at $24,000). For larger companies, we price by the business units you want us to work on (with a substantial volume discount).

Site optimization = Leads. Having a smart web presence is a big deal. 

Hiring SEO experts will make sure prospects find your products or services.

A business search for your solution begins on the web — that’s why your company has a website in the first place. Your website tells your story the way you want it to be told: completely, interactively and attractively. But putting up a good website is just the beginning; your customer must be able to find it on Google. The hard truth is this: If a prospect searches on a keyword phrase relevant to your product or service and your company is not in the first ten listings of a Google search engine results page (SERP), 85 percent of your prospects will not see your URL. And it can be very difficult to get into the top ten. Given this reality, it is smart to hire expert Austin SEO consultants to develop a search strategy and execute it. The results? Grow new visitor traffic to your website — bringing the right visitors to exactly the right page with the information they want. That sets up a sale. Why not start today with a free ranking report?

It is both an art and a science. This is how RefreshWeb does it:

We have to know your company and its offerings, understand your customers and their motivation, and their vocabulary for searching for your solution.
Google search is text-driven, and SEO is all about finding every keyword opportunity and using your keywords to bring searchers to your website. What is a keyword opportunity? It is a keyword that describes your product or service, has lots of search associated with it but not too much competition. The way to win is to have high search rankings on keywords your customer uses to find your solution.
Audit your website with an eye to improve your visibility on the web, prioritize your keyword list and develop a plan to put specific keywords on specific pages. And to do so in a way that gets around your competition.
Determine your key performance indicators and develop metrics and dashboards to measure them. We want a tool to review the effectiveness of your website. Based on the feedback we get, we recommend improvements on an ongoing basis. We work with you to design a performance dashboard that tells you who is coming to your website, what information they are accessing and what they want from you — a white paper? A call back? A video that shows your product working in context? The web never stops, and constantly looking for opportunities to communicate with prospects won’t stop either.
Develop premium content as needed to take fullest advantage of the keyword list. In many respects, the keyword list will tell you what are the customer pain points, questions prospects have and what content you need to develop a trust relationship with them. Once Google sees your site start to stagnate, rankings start to go down, so we plan a content strategy.

Based on the ranking feedback we get, we recommend SEO improvements on an ongoing basis.