PPC Consulting Seven-Step Process

  • Goals and budget
  • Competitive review
  • Platform selection
  • Recommend and revise keyword list
  • Create landing pages
  • Daily management
  • Reporting

RefreshWeb’s PPC Consulting:
A Proven 30-day Process

While SEO takes months to build momentum, outsourcing PPC to a Google Ads Partner agency can have you at the top of Google in a month.

To meet your company’s paid search needs, we use a proven PPC consulting seven-step process that begins with understanding your business, and continues with exceptional ongoing service and account management.

Before a single keyword is chosen, or an ad is created, we’ll make sure we understand your paid advertising goals…how you measure success. No two clients have the exact same PPC needs, so we start by asking questions and listening. Our PPC consultants want to learn about your business and your products/services. Once we know where our cost/lead and cost/conversion targets are, we can better define your PPC budget. After all, we have to create a plan that will work for you financially. One of the great advantages of PPC is immediate results from testing; a baseline optimized campaign starts at break-even, and grows with your company.
Every PPC project includes a review of past paid advertising campaigns. Some AdWords agencies simply start every new client’s campaigns from scratch. While that might be faster and easier, we know that every pay-per-click campaign a company has run offers valuable data about keywords, search trends and ad response. And we don’t want to miss any of those clues.

Similarly, you should know what your competitors are spending PPC money on, and what search terms they are investing in. Sometimes the easier wins are on terms which are not being fought over by the big guys.

What we call “paid search” is simply web advertising, whether it’s a PPC ad at the top of the Google search results, or a display ad running in multiple formats on the same page of the online version of Forbes, or rich media like videos personalized for remarketing to people who have visited your site while they’re browsing YouTube. At RefreshWeb, we use certified AdWords professionals…but their professionalism helps them be objective about the right mix of platforms to best reach your prospects.

When people think about pay-per-click advertising, Google AdWords usually comes to mind first. And that’s a good place to start. But we won’t stop there.

We’ll look closely at your company’s objectives and target demographics, then recommend the right mix of paid advertising platforms to reach your prospects where they interact, search and click online. Our suite of PPC platforms include:

  • Google AdWords (including YouTube)
  • Bing Network Ads
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

While most clients will want to include Google AdWords in their PPC strategy, expanding your paid advertising choices will allow you to maximize your spend and reach the right audience. We have the expertise and experience to guide you in making those decisions.

Choosing the right keywords, and then working with those keywords to create campaigns, ad groups, and ads that will work within Google’s rules is essential to your paid advertising success. This is where an experienced, professional AdWords agency like RefreshWeb has the advantage. We’ve mastered the science — and the art — of selecting keywords, then turning those words into ad groups and ads designed for optimal PPC performance.

Even the best keywords in your industry won’t work the way you need them to if there isn’t a smooth transition from search, to ads, to landing page. We work with our clients to build a landing page template that will support the look and feel of their site. Then we create custom content for each landing page, to ensure higher quality scores and a better user experience.  As new campaigns and ad groups are needed beyond the initial 30 days, we’ll continue creating custom landing pages to match new keywords.
No campaign can be called a success if clear conversion tracking goals and methods have not been set into place from the start. At RefreshWeb, we work with clients to define the types of actions or behaviors that represent a conversion to them. We can create goals within AdWords, tie Google Analytics goals to your PPC account, or assist with third-party goal tracking tools such as Pardot or Salesforce.

Every campaign, every ad group and every search term needs daily oversight to make sure your account is heading in the right direction. Our complete B2B paid advertising program includes hands-on deep review, and we make any needed adjustments several times each week. And for the first thirty days, we’ll be in there every weekday, making sure it’s all working as planned. Our daily and weekly AdWords campaign management is done by real humans, not by a canned PPC bid automation program. And our results show that it works.

You deserve to know what’s happening with your PPC campaigns. RefreshWeb will create and deliver a status report to your marketing team every week during startup, then (based on your needs) every month or two weeks for the entirety of the PPC management period. Within the capabilities of Google Analytics, AdWords and all the other advertising platforms, we will customize your report to highlight the metrics most important to your marketing needs.

Our reporting highlights the metrics most important to your marketing needs.