We start by taking the time to learn your business, study your competition, and listen to your needs — your answers to our questions help us develop a winning strategy, customized just for you.

Got questions about PPC?

Maybe they’re answered in this FAQ page.

The PPC Management Agency That Listens

A certified Google Ads agency professional should invest in learning your business, and be flexible enough to work within your budget.

Google’s PPC seems simple enough, but there is a lot of underlying complexity, and no rule book. It’s easy to make mistakes, or pursue an unprofitable, “bid $1 on everything” strategy. Deciding to look for outside help and making the decision to outsource your PPC is a big one. You want someone who will work to understand your B2B business goals and the specifics of your industry. You need a PPC management agency where people know marketing, knows paid advertising inside and out, and knows how to get results. At RefreshWeb, we get it. We take the time to learn your business and listen to your needs — and ask the questions which uncover your concerns. We invest a lot of time in learning about your competition, the unique language of your business and the way your prospects search online. Then we generate tons of ideas for keywords, cluster them into campaigns and ad groups, write the ads and landing pages that are on-topic for all the sets of search terms we’re bidding on. Daily, hands-on management is how you control your average cost per click, the click-through rate for each ad, and determine a reasonable cost/conversion. We use every trick in the book to get noticed, to drive traffic, and to motivate response…even putting tracking phone numbers on your landing pages so your prospects can take action…and we can be sure that your paid search is credited with the win. Where costs are too high or response anemic, we react immediately.

As your Google Ads management partner, we’re ready to help you turn risk into success.

OK, paid search is a good solution. But which PPC? Is Google Ads the best choice, or Facebook or LinkedIn?

Your PPC management agency should understand the whole spectrum, and spend your money carefully

As Google Partners, we understand the complexity of PPC and PPA marketing. That’s why we’re ready to help you turn uncertainty into success. RefreshWeb’s certified pay per click advertising team will work with you and your company’s unique needs to deliver campaigns that perform on four critical fronts:

We’ll design and execute your PPC strategy to make the most of your resources. We will use our AdWords agency expertise and experience to increase your return on campaigns, while working within your budget.
In the world of paid search, every click on an ad on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing or Twitter is an investment. If these clicks and visitors aren’t qualified to become customers, they represent only additional expense. We don’t just create ads and select keywords. At RefreshWeb, we use every tool available to us to target your ads using the appropriate geographic, demographic, and behavioral elements to best serve ads to your ideal prospects. Our goals is to make each and every click more likely to pay off with leads and customers.
We don’t stop with the real estate provided within a standard ad. We will use Callouts, Call Extensions, Snippets, and Site Extensions to maximize the visual impact of each top-performing search result, providing prospects with more information about your company even before they click.
Many PPC agencies work on the “build ‘em and forget ‘em” principle, relying on automation or inexperienced interns to provide cheap management of an account over time. That’s not how we work at RefreshWeb. Our goal is to create a PPC program that dependably, effectively creates good prospects. A profitable campaign can change and expand to meet the needs of your growing business; where we don’t see a payoff, we cut your losses.

Getting help and making the decision to outsource your PPC is a big one. You want someone who will work to understand your B2B business goals and the specifics of your industry.