Category: Premium B2B Content Marketing Services

While we have always believed in quality content, and the power of copy to motivate action on the part of the reader, we have not always had natural allies in designers or client marketers. For some products, like t-shirts or sunglasses, there’s not a lot of copy needed…but in the world of B2B search marketing, we are often talking about products which cost thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars. The people evaluating your offer may have advanced degrees or technical expertise, and they are looking for specifics, in order to differentiate your product from the others out there.

Now that Google is saying that long-form, authoritative and original content is essential for high rankings, clients are realizing that they don’t have writers on staff…particularly technical or business-oriented writers who can develop pages and pages of content. The good news for clients is that a white paper can be a download, but it can also be an incentive for a click, or the basis for a sales presentation we place online, as well as a series of tweets or posts to use for social media marketing. In short, B2B content marketing is the heart of what we do as a content strategy agency, PLUS we have the insights gained from your SEO strategy and your PPC results to help us focus on the terms which provide the greatest level of conversion, and maximize your ROI.