SEO Project Timeline: The nine month workflow

OPTIMIZING your website and its performance isn’t a project…it’s a process

Additional work, as requested: Maintenance and additional content development/optimization as required.

Successful search marketing begins with research. This develops into a strategy for organizing and crafting communications throughout your company’s online marketing plan. Great marketing is built on great content — informative, engaging, and speaks to your customers using their language.

When sharp strategic planning meets great content, the search engines take notice. When they take notice, so do the potential customers you’ve been missing. Your company is the authority on what you do. It’s time your rankings reflected that.

RefreshWeb is a specialized B2B search marketing agency. We understand your needs for accurate reporting, solid data, and measurable results. Recommendations are based on extensive research and market data, not trends. Our process is transparent and collaborative. Clients not only see iterative improvement month over month, but they also see gains year after year as we work together to secure an ever-larger share of their target markets.