Specifics on RefreshWeb’s Proven B2B SEO Process

Moving the needle on getting new leads for an established B2B brand is
what we do best

The first step in changing the results you’re getting from your website is to be open to change…find what’s not working and fix it. That’s why we start by running a free ranking report, and talking about specific missed opportunities and competitor positions. You see, RefreshWeb’s process begins with research and diagnostics, even on our free reports. Client engagements start with an audit to quantify your market and opportunities, uncover technical issues with the site, probe competitor weaknesses, and lay out the possible solutions…every bit of the work done by experienced SEO consultants who understand B2B marketing.

We work with your team to craft a strategic plan that helps meet your marketing goals while improving search engine rankings, expanding your audience, and bringing in new business. The tactics we recommend are tailored to the unique needs of YOUR B2B marketplace, and they’ll be delivered with expert SEO services professionals.

RefreshWeb begins implementing the plan by fixing broken technical SEO (like duplicate or missing metatags), creating a baseline by which to measure progress, and starting on content improvement. Some clients have well-written, engaging content that just isn’t performing well. In cases like this, we work with the language to optimize it for search. Some clients want someone else to do the writing or do an extensive revision and refresh of their existing content. We have senior-level writers go to work giving clients a fresh voice that’s just right for their markets.

Once the problems are fixed and the new content is up, we wait to see the results of the work. Areas that need a little more help get more attention. Terms and topics that are improving get consistent support to keep them on an upward trajectory. Over the life of our client engagements, RefreshWeb is forever behind the scenes making small changes to help your site get the best rankings it can — and keep them.

Most sites need help in several of these areas:

  • Tweaks to improve technical performance

  • Wholesale structural change: recommendations for the site architecture

  • Language strategies that improve the quality of your communications while making the content more attractive to search engines

  • Content recommendations to add or remove pages

  • Ways to support sales flow and engagement

  • Opportunities for growth and expansion