RefreshWeb: We Started B2B SEO in Austin.
Successful B2B Web Marketing Since 2002.

Our success come from decades of B2B marketing experience, on both the agency and client sides…and 18 years of working our magic on Google. We have made millions of dollars for dozens of clients.

Our first SEO client was a data storage company in San Diego, doing $200 million in sales. They had tried SEO three or four times, but been ripped off or disappointed each time. When they saw our initial competitive ranking report, they were honest: “We had no idea we sucked so bad.” We HAD to ask them how they could write another check for SEO, and the answer was simple: “We knew it ought to work.” And it did: a 221% increase in online sales leads. Then they asked, “Could you take over our PPC? We wasted $20,000 last week.” And that’s how we started, partnering with web marketers who wanted us on their team, year after year (this client wouldn’t let us publish a case study because they didn’t want their competitors to find out how well it worked!) We do have some testimonials from long-term clients we’re very proud of; we think the cat is out of the bag.

The typical prospect for us is looking at the sales pipeline, or last quarter’s disappointing sales, and in digging into the “why,” you discover your website isn’t generating the number of leads you expected. Why? No search traffic + no customer engagement = no sales. With the lead-gen upside from search, now is the time to get serious about driving revenue from B2B search marketing…and we’d suggest you start by talking to us.

It’s likely your website is out of date: Google has changed what they think is important. Is your site responsive? Is it secure? Do the pages load quickly? Is it visible for what your prospects start searching on? Making your website a lead-generating electromagnet begins with a search strategy, and then the design.

It’s easy to get started…let’s look at your website and your competitors to see what you’ve been missing.

“This is the year to get serious about grabbing market share and driving revenue from B2B web marketing… and we’d suggest you start by talking to us. Business-to-business marketing success means understanding the sales cycle; we wrap your site around your prospects’ interests.”

For business-to-business sales, web marketing is what works best…it’s the secret sauce that delivers new leads 24/7 from all over the world.

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Call us if you’ve got a B2B website, and have a problem getting new leads

When we run one of our custom ranking reports on your site, it’s going to show you that there is a lot of missed opportunity…simply because your site’s content doesn’t match up with what prospects are looking for. You need content that matches up with those needs; working that into your site architecture is how SEO works. Expert services from a dedicated B2B search marketing firm deliver the best ROI of any marketing initiative…we’ve seen it time and time again.

That’s why we got out of the agency business: measurable results, dramatic improvement, and the fun of matching our wits with Google. RefreshWeb has specialized in B2B web marketing since 2002. We have a wide range of client experience, working with both global and family-owned companies, in a wide variety of verticals:

• Industrial • Semiconductors
• Manufacturing • Technology
• Professional Services • Organizational Development
• Banking and Finance • Non-Profits
• Enterprise and SaaS Software • Health Sciences