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Google loves long-form content, so expect to find in-depth articles and tutorials in this section which discuss some of the most important, or most troublesome questions in search. We also may use this area for some case studies, so you can see both what we used as our strategy, and the results which followed. Our audit process ends with detailed site optimization plan, as well as a long-term search strategy (two years is about right). We typically optimize 12-15 top-level pages for our clients, meaning there may be dozens more pages in the SOP which we expect the client to optimize, or have us work on them. The reason for this two-phased approach is that we will start to see results immediately upon posting optimized content…but the rest of the content needs to work on the search terms which are moving up, and not deal with search terms where we do not see movement.

We’d love to answer your questions or help you with problems you have with your site, so as you dig into all the how-tos and read about our experiences with client sites, don’t hesitate to pop us an email. Something we’ve learned over time is that this is a field where people write incendiary posts, challenging the status quo, just to get traffic and links. The fact is that no two sites are alike, so whatever someone points out as an example to explain how Google evaluates websites may have no bearing on your site. B2B websites simply don’t have the options in social media and PR that e-commerce sites may have…in B2B, you are much more dependent on content custom-built for your products, talking directly to your customers. After all, not many people are tweeting about how much they love their new cloud service or blade server.

Different Google SERP Feature Trends for Different Niches – Why It Matters

Guest author: Laura Campbell is Rank Ranger's Digital Marketing Manager, Editor-in-Chief and Social Media maven I love Google’s SERP features, they’re helpful, interesting, and purposeful. That doesn’t mean that they don’t at times pose a challenge to you and your site. In fact, Google’s long list of SERP features often place extra demands [...]

Get Ready, Get Set, Market!

What do you think of when you hear the word "marketing?" Or how about "online marketing?" If you were to search the web for either term, you might come to the conclusion that: There is one best way to do marketing, and if you read enough books/posts or listen to enough TedTalks/podcasts, you can discover [...]

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