Paid Search FAQs (PPC and AdWords)

In the world of paid search, every click on an ad on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing or Twitter is an investment. If these clicks and visitors aren’t qualified to become customers, they represent only additional expense. At RefreshWeb, we use every tool available to us to target your ads using the appropriate geographic, demographic, and behavioral elements to best serve ads to your ideal prospects. Our goal is to make each and every click more likely to pay off with leads and customers.

There are a million questions out there, with just as many opinions…and there’s no rule book. All these companies make it look really easy to set up and manage campaigns, but consider that they all have a powerful incentive to show increased earnings. You don’t want to fall prey to the hidden complexities of paid search that can cost you thousands of dollars in useless clicks. As a certified Google agency partner, we’ll provide you the benefit of our collective experience working on hundreds of websites… because experience is such an excellent teacher of what’s right and what works.

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