Category: Paid Search FAQs (PPC and AdWords)

There’s not anything quite so disappointing as walking into a client’s office and having them ask if this offer they got is legit: “we can get your site on the first page of Google, guaranteed, for $100…today!” Talk about too good to be true…did the client realize anyone can use paid search to get your site on the first page, today, but did you think through the fact that you ACTUALLY want to show up for 100 terms…and 100 X $100 is $10K a month? It’s the paid search FAQs which don’t get asked which drive us crazy; and we’re only to happy to give you straight, honest answers to your questions about AdWords, PPC and social media paid search.

The world of PPC has changed radically over the past year or so, as Google works to force clients to spend money on PPC, rather than showing up organically based on the merit of their content. Once you get past the ads and the map and the marketplace, the #1 position organically may be #9 on the page…and people simply don’t have a lot of patience to weed through all the options presented.

That’s why our mastery of AdWords is so important…we can make your ad stand out, we can drive clients directly to multiple pages on your site, we can measure every conversion and give you the cost:benefit analysis on individual search phrases, or topics, and we can track phone calls and collect information on the landing page which let’s you follow up with every prospect. And as Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media start going after advertising dollars, there are some real bargains out there…especially for B2B clients.