Certified Google Partner PPC Consulting
and Management

Our PPC team lives and breathes AdWords

A very direct way to monetize the keyword list is through paid search. RefreshWeb experts will develop a pay-per-click program that works with your keyword list to define terms and ad campaigns where paid search can be the fast track to the top of Google.

As a certified Google Partner for PPC consulting, we will handle account strategy, create results-driven campaigns, build out ads and landing pages, and personally monitor day-to-day bidding and other all other aspects of your PPC account management. Our AdWords consultants also keep you in the loop by offering insightful reporting.
Graphic: A certified Google Partner PPC consultant can identify profitable search terms for your campaigns.

The bottom line is that your company will quickly be getting results from your search efforts: prospects, quotation requests or even web sales, directly from your PPC keyword list.