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FAQ: How to use Google Analytics

Q. What should I be looking at in Google Analytics to get started?         A. Start with the Channels report, to see where your traffic comes from. The most useful Google Analytics report for [...]

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FAQ: What do we know about how people search?

Q. What do we know about how  people search? Is it the same on a phone as a PC?      A. A search session lasts an average of one minute. (And some [...]

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FAQ: How can we choose the right keywords to drive traffic?

Q: How can we choose good keywords to bring the right people to our website?          A: It takes more than luck. The most experienced Austin SEO agency has a proven [...]

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FAQ: What does the world look like to Google search?

Q. It seems impossible that my company can be found through all the noise on the Internet. How does a B2B company get found on Google?       A. It is amazing that [...]

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