Graphic: discovering the right keyword phrases is the key to B2B SEO performance

RefreshWeb: delivering solid ROI from SEO services

SEO is an iterative process which gets more productive over time.

Your keyword lists, search marketing strategy documents and editorial calendars are critical marketing assets that should inform every page of content on your website: these are essential to creating rankings which deliver sustainable competitive advantages. At RefreshWeb, we take improving performance personally. That’ s why we constantly monitor, adjust and improve these critical keyword assets, to monetize them and to increase your company’s return on your web marketing investment. As true marketing partners, we’ll train and coach your marketing team — and even your vendors — on how to develop optimized content, so you can be more self-sufficient. Just look at what we can achieve, considering that Year One has 3 quarters of research and content development, together with meticulous optimization. Clients REALLY reap the rewards in Years Two and Three, which is why your investment in a new web site and SEO is a capital expense…which makes it an asset you can depreciate.

Year One Increase:
Organic Search Traffic
Year Two Increase:
Organic Search Traffic
Year Three Increase:
Organic Search Traffic
Overall Increase:
Organic Search Traffic
Client A:         222% 500% 300% 3000%
Client B:           92% 160% 69% 1126%
Client C:         233% 335% 48% 895%

We’re dedicated Austin SEO consultants, constantly working to improve your site’s ranking performance…and ROI.

SEO consulting services begin with researching the right keywords: the ones showing purchase intent

You don’t just want more search traffic. You want the RIGHT traffic.

We like to start with a quick custom analysis (keyword phrases, technical factors, competitor rankings), which includes recommendations and a top-level strategic plan, which shows you the potential behind the billions of searches being made every day. Give us a seed list of 10-20 search phrases, and the URLs of 4-5 competitors, and in just a couple of weeks, you’ll have third-party data to see how you and your competitors are ranking on a broad range of search terms — and how much opportunity you’re missing. This initial SEO “site wellness report” is just $1000.

Then, every client has the same question: “How can we fix this?” (One marketing VP told us “We had no idea we sucked so bad.”) Well, we dig in with a deep dive into your business and marketing strategy, followed by extensive search term research and a comprehensive audit…site performance, keywords, competition…and finish up with a separate plan for your information architecture and search marketing strategy. A small commitment ($6,000) to get the facts straight, followed by an 8-month engagement to optimize your content, page by page, to fix the problems (starting at $28,000). This cost is amortized; our goal is to have the work pay for itself, and it takes many small changes over time for your site to truly be “optimized” for the search terms which your prospects are using most often.

This iterative improvement is performed by experts who know what to look for — it’s the key to RefreshWeb’s proven ROI delivery. Our active engagement with client marketers and their agencies is the reason that clients stay with us, year after year. In fact, the real payoff comes in the second and third years…once the site is optimized, the rankings and trust earned from Google increase the number of search terms you rank for — and the amount of new visitors from search. It’s a powerful, sustainable virtuous cycle. Organic search traffic increases of 400% to 1000% over a two-to-three year period are common.

While we’re here and talking about measuring improvement, if you’re in management, you think you want metrics. If your web team doesn’t understand business, they can absolutely BURY you in charts and graphs, and you’ll never see the forest for the trees. Sit down and talk with them about how to define meaningful “key performance indicators,” or KPIs. Metrics are meaningless clutter: clicks, pageviews, impressions, time on page. KPIs are profit, assisted conversions, and revenue from customers using that “click to call” function on their mobile devices. We’re thrilled to work with clients who want to understand their customers, but need a hand getting their head around their website’s contribution. Consider that we’ve got over 30 years’ experience with business-to-business marketing, and over 15 solid years of working with different analytics tools…the key to separating the gold from the gravel is knowing how to use your tools. For some further insight into how to get your team all thinking in the same way, the BEST guide on measuring what matters is our analytics guru friend, Avinash Kaushik.

Over the nine months of a typical engagement, some of the most important things RefreshWeb does to maximize your organic search ROI include:

  • The upfront keyword research to needed to drive the right traffic
  • Insightful competitive analysis to devise a winning strategy
  • Revising and adding content to increase engagement
  • Constant monitoring of rankings and iterative improvement
  • Ongoing, detailed review of your website analytics
  • Adjusting keywords to reflect shifts in search and performance to maximize good leads