Category: FAQs about Google and Search

You’ve probably read that there are something like 200 factors Google uses to determine rankings. Obviously, some of them are more important than others, but high quality, original content is the basis of all our work, whether site optimization, PPC management, or SEO copywriting services. Currently, Google’s business plan depends on user safety and a “mobile first” approach, so your site needs to be on a secure server (which offers you some protection from hackers as well), and the site needs to use a responsive design, so the content can be viewed comfortably on a smart phone. There are a million questions out there, with just as many opinions, but we’ll provide you the benefit of our collective experience working on hundreds of websites…because experience is such an excellent teacher of what’s right and what works. 

FAQ: What do we know about how people search?

Q. What do we know about how  people search? Is it the same on a phone as a PC?      A. A search session lasts an average of one minute. (And some last over an hour, pulling up that average.)According to Jumpshot, a typical query is three words long – people have learned a query [...]

FAQ: How can we choose the right keywords to drive traffic?

Q: How can we choose good keywords to bring the right people to our website?          A: It takes more than luck. The most experienced Austin SEO agency has a proven process to bring the best prospects to your B2B website.Keywords don't exist outside of content. If your webpage answers their specific [...]

FAQ: What does the world look like to Google search?

Q. It seems impossible that my company can be found through all the noise on the Internet. How does a B2B company get found on Google?       A. It is amazing that Google, the dominant search behemoth, came into the public’s consciousness barely 10 years ago. When you look at the particulars, it [...]