Does Pay-Per-Click (PPC) work to improve ROI?

A well-managed PPC program brings in traffic, leads, data…and a positive ROI

Using RefreshWeb as your pay-per-click consultant is a great way to leverage your keyword list and site strategy, with an opportunity for a quick boost in site visitors, leads and sales. PPC offers a laser focus on good search terms where you don’ t have top organic rankings, but want to use to draw in traffic now.

The paid search keyword list includes a broad range of keywords that our research suggests will be used by prospects to find your products or services. As part of our PPC process, we will develop:

  • Campaign and ad group structures
  • Bidding strategies
  • Ad content
  • Landing page content
  • Goal conversion metrics

Then we combine those elements into a plan that will give you the best chance at those coveted paid top spots on a search results page — and above all, a positive ROI. You should expect no less from your AdWords agency.

Metrics Client DIY RefreshWeb PPC
Cost per Click $6.10 $3.19
Conversions 1 253 + 122 Calls Tracked
Cost/Conversion $9,019 $15.54
ROI – 50% 300%

Using RefreshWeb for PPC consulting is a great way to leverage your website, with an opportunity for a quick boost in site visitors, leads and sales.

What makes a PPC account ROI-friendly?

It starts with the right search terms, the most compelling ads and the best landing pages…the ones with motivating content and a strong call to action

As Google Certified Partners, we understand the close linkage between search terms, ad groups, the wording of your ads and the content on your PPC landing pages. And because we have decades on the corporate and client sides of marketing communications, we know how to convert those visitors, continually moving them through the sales funnel and your CRM system to convince them to take action.

When we design your PPC account, we organize groups of keywords into campaigns and ad groups, then work with you to develop landing pages where there is a clear connection between the search terms, the ad copy and the page contents. That seamless experience encourages a visitor to remain on your site, and ideally to convert, boosting your ROI.
Developing unique content for each paid search landing page, and pairing that with a clear and measurable conversion event such as a form to complete, a download, or an invitation to call is the key to successful pay-per-click marketing. We work with you to get all of those pieces into place from the start. We also work with you to ensure that the landing pages are compelling so they can increase visitor engagement, reduce “ bounces,” and draw prospects deeper into your site.

These factors, combined with a sound bidding strategy and the right budget, help your keywords earn high Google quality scores, which in turn moderate your cost per click, and increase the likelihood of top-of-the-page placement. That, and the fact we are in your account making adjustments several times per week.

Over time, your company will develop a deep and granular knowledge about what keywords and sales messages prompt your prospects to convert. That information can then translate into additional paid search campaigns, improved organic performance and better ROI on other forms of outreach and advertising online. This cross-channel application of PPC data is one of the key benefit of RefreshWeb’ s ROI approach to paid search.