Why should you buy SEO and PPC consulting services?

Because you’re ready to turn your site into a 24/7 sales engine with demonstrable ROI.

People use search to find solutions and investigate alternatives using a wide variety of search terms, or keyword phrases. A well-researched keyword list should be the locus of your website positioning, messaging, sales prospecting and marketing outreach. To drive your digital marketing efforts, you should be using a wide range of the vetted keyword phrases throughout your site, to describe the products and services you sell, to address the needs of your target markets, and most importantly, motivate active sales prospects to buy.

Our competitive analysis and keyword evaluation gives you a “market basket” of varied search terms where you have the best shot at winning via SEO. This subset of terms is gone over carefully to prioritize those showing purchase intent, because they are the search phrases where the investment in SEO has the greatest ROI. Then we go to work on optimizing your site. Here’s what happens to your new visitor traffic when you optimize for organic search…it’s easy to see what to expect (see table below):


Take advantage of our fifteen years of B2B search marketing services to monetize your keyword list, spreading a wide net to constantly bring prospects to your website.

Year One Increase: Organic Search TrafficYear Two Increase: Organic Search TrafficYear Three Increase: Organic Search TrafficOverall Increase: Organic Search Traffic
Client A: 222%500%300%3000%
Client B: 92%160%69%1126%
Client C: 233%335%48%895%

Working with RefreshWeb as your search marketing agency, you have the advantage of experts advising you on which search terms to target (the ones you can win).

Content and keywords work together to bring the right prospects to your website to begin an informational and trust-based relationship that sets up a sale.

>> How we monitor and manage paid search for a positive ROI

Can you demonstrate increased marketing ROI
through our B2B SEO consulting services?

Your analytics certainly can, if you work with experts in SEO and PPC on your team.

RefreshWeb optimizes your website’s content with the most relevant and targeted keyword phrases for each page, linking to deeper content or external authority sources. Typically we work with your existing content, edit and revise it to include the new search terms, and complete the technical SEO work required.

Sometimes we need to develop new content to get the most ‘leverage’ from your main pages — indeed, the keyword list itself may provide us with insights on what kind of content searchers are looking for such as:

  • What are the “pain points” that drive prospects to search for a solution?
  • For which topics are prospects eager for more information?
  • What high-search-volume topics or pain points are competitors’ sites not covering?

Smart, on-point content works (together with the keyword phrases people are using) to bring the right prospects to your website. Because your page on the topic searched shows up high in Google, this begins an informational and trust-based relationship that sets up a sale.