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PPC Success Story: Ethoca, Ltd.
(Toronto, Austin, London, Dublin)

International PPC Campaigns Generating a 300% ROI

Client Background

Ethoca is a merchant fraud prevention and financial services company based in Canada. Through an extensive collaborative network of banks and card issuers they provide chargeback and card-not-present fraud alerts to merchants across the globe. With an extremely diverse and geographically scattered pool of B2B prospects, Ethoca’s PPC is especially difficult.

They came to RefreshWeb in early 2015, looking for information about PPC as a way to boost their exposure and relevant leads via requests for consultation. They were very doubtful that paid advertising was going to work for them, after trying PPC in house, but felt they needed to explore it with a professional AdWords agency before abandoning the idea permanently. Their initial in-house campaign had resulted in an over $9,000 spend in six months, with only a single consultation conversion leading to a sale.

The PPC Process and Results

After reviewing their account history, and doing research on competitors, keywords and industry trends, we were convinced that PPC was indeed a viable option for their business. They gave us 90 days to get at least ten conversions, as a test of our recommendations.

Within the first 60 days of creating our first new campaign (and only 30 days from the creation of three additional campaigns), we had generated 17 verified conversions. At that point, we became Ethoca’s permanent PPC management agency. Here’s a summary pre/post on our PPC campaign ROI:

Metrics Feb 2014 – July 2014
(Before RefreshWeb)
Feb 2016 – July 2016
Click Through Rate 0.37% 0.60%
Cost Per Click $6.10  $3.19
Conversions 1 253 + 122 tracked calls
Cost Per Conversion $9,019.00 $15.54
Conversion Rate* 0.31% 1.84%
Search Impression Share 59.43% 67.93%
Total Cost $9,019.00 $41,470.85
ROI: -50% 300%

*Conversion rate on some RefreshWeb campaigns as high as 6%

We constantly work to improve the PPC campaign optimization, to increase your company’s return on your web marketing investment.

In the months since that initial test, we created and managed a total of 22 PPC campaigns running in nine countries or international regions. The paid search campaigns currently operate with a combined completed sales ROI of nearly 200%, doubling revenue year-over-year.  Overall, the account has an all-time conversion rate of 3.81%, with an overall cost per conversion of $84 – a far cry from the company’s initial $9,000+ cost per conversion.

In addition, with the creation of well-optimized landing pages, significant metrics such as time on site and depth of visit are strong – both of critical value for B2B marketers who depend on long sales decision cycles and multiple stakeholders for long-term sales that might not be readily tied to initial PPC visits.

Based upon the success of the paid advertising campaign, Ethoca has contracted with RefreshWeb for a full SEO audit, Site Optimization Plan and SEO management program for their new website.