Q: How can we choose good keywords to bring the right people to our website?

      A: It takes more than luck. The most experienced Austin SEO agency has a proven process to bring the best prospects to your B2B website.

Keywords don’t exist outside of content. If your webpage answers their specific question, you can turn the searcher into a prospect.

Of all of the billions of searches on Google, about 20 percent of all searches used 100,000 different keyword phrases. Another 10 percent of searches used a further 900,000 keyword phrases. The line slopes sharply upwards after that, until 90 percent of searches use 1 billion different keyword phrases.

So what does this mean for your keyword list?  It means it is a very long tail for most keywords (a reference to the right tail on a bell curve, or many keyword phrases have relatively few searches that you should not ignore), and developing a diverse list of keywords will result in lots of qualified prospects finding your site.

Too many businesses think the way to win is performing well on a very short and extremely competitive keyword list (‘We HAVE to be top ten on ‘car insurance,’ ‘accident insurance’ and ‘cheap insurance!’”). Well, you are never going to be at the top of a search engine results page (SERP) for a keyword with millions of competing pages, as do these three keyword phrases. There are many alternative keyword phrases that will bring you good traffic – maybe even better qualified traffic – and we have a proven process to find those keywords.

We know that 20 percent of searchers change their query, and the average query length is at least three words. Also, 21 percent of searches result in more than one click on a given SERP. So, really, a search session is an experiment to figure out which keyword phrase returns a website or other information resource that answers the searcher’s question. Bringing the searcher to your site is just the beginning of the process – answering their question is really the heart of the matter. It’s your PAGES which Google indexes, which is why your best prospects may enter on a page which is an FAQ on their exact search…that makes you the expert.

Before you start thinking about what your new site might look like, talk with RefreshWeb about how to find out the right search terms to include…we’re the Austin SEO agency which maximizes the ROI of your investment with an information architecture which anticipates your prospects’ needs.