Q. It seems impossible that my company can be found through all the noise on the Internet. How does a B2B company get found on Google?


     A. It is amazing that Google, the dominant search behemoth, came into the public’s consciousness barely 10 years ago. When you look at the particulars, it is even more amazing.  

Google states they process 2 trillion searches a year worldwide. Independent sources believe Google answers 40 billion to 60 billion search queries per month just in the United States.

While Google says searchers make 3.4 searches per day on average, independent research suggests that only 15 percent of searchers make more than one query per day. So that 15 percent is responsible for many daily searches.

SEO expert services from a B2B SEO agency can help cut through the noise and increase your visibility…guaranteed.

Two-thirds of searches result in one or more clicks. A Google search engine results page (SERP) typically has multiple opportunities for searchers to click on, including image blocks, maps, video listings, paid ads and knowledge graphs, those blocks of content about a specific business, etc., that appear at the top of the SERP page. Research indicates that paid ads (3.4% of clicks) image blocks (~3% of clicks) and videos (1.8% of clicks) pull lots of clicks from searchers.

The most important thing for companies and other website owners to realize is that only 12.6% of U.S. clicks go to the top 100 search traffic domains. That means 87% of clicks go the rest of the Internet, so every website has the opportunity to be visible to their prospects if they understand the search environment and know how to be successful within it.

It takes expert SEO services like competitive analysis, keyword evaluation and selection, and then a site information strategy to integrate these keyword phrases. Skilled B2B content development, based on specific search terms and a specific page in the site map, draws searchers directly to that page. And because that page is one of the very best on the web for that search phrase, the page ranks at or near the top in Google. B2B SEO is an excellent investment, in that the ROI extends out over several years…so don’t take a risk with a generalist, when Austin has one of the top B2B SEO agencies in the United States.